I’ve stopped tracking my workouts!

The past few weeks I’ve stopped tracking my gym sessions on my watch!


There’s a few reasons:

1 The data it gives you is a load of rubbish. Your watch has no idea how many calories you are burning.

2 It was distracting - I always found myself looking at my watch and thinking i should get my next set done my heart rates going down.

3I can now focus on my form much better - rather than trying to get things done quickly so my heart rate stays high. I can really concentrate on that mind to muscle connection 🧠

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my Apple Watch ⌚️ however, I would say the main reason I have it now is for my step count and to track my sleep (i just find this really interesting!)

The only things I track on my watch exercise wise now is:
Walks 🚶🏼‍♀️- I like to see how far I’ve gone.
HIIT workouts 🥵 - I like to see my heart rate, this gives me an indication of how much effort I’m putting in.

I love all my clients to be able to track their steps and do encourage they get some kind of watch to track this as its a great tool to help you get moving more however, any watch is fine for this you don’t have to have an all singing all dancing one!

‼️Stop relying on your watch to determine how many calories you should be eating‼️

Why not try your next workout without your watch on?